Steve Scott exhibits at Waco's own Cultivate 7Twelve Art Gallery
Steve Scott interviews on KXTX Channel 10 @4 to talk about his exhibit through January at Cultivate 7Twelve

There is great excitement in this new year! The Waco Art Scene is starting strong with local, downtown gallery, Cultivate 7Twelve encouraging appreciation for beauty and detail in the natural world. Come see this unique and traveled collection by Steve Scott, a local Waco photographer and Baylor alum, who shares a passion for the intricacies of light by capturing amazing North American landscapes and the furry creatures who inhabit them.

“I sojourn through my photography because it is an excellent medium for sharing my fascination with light andsurroundings with others. I hope by exploring my work, you draw closer to the feelings experienced when you have found visual tranquility.”

Alchemy of Light

This special collection will be available for viewing and purchase through the month of January. Enjoy the downtown scene with great food, unique shops, and amazing art that takes you to places all over the USA.

712 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

(254) 401-1443 | Facebook

Wine Bottle Illumination