Acrylic Print Advantages

Luminosity for over 75 years

Steve Scott Photography offers genuine, authentic photo prints in spectacular sizes such as 70″ x 48″ or 118″ x 71″. First, a laser exposure system (Durst Lambda or LightJet from Océ) transfers the image onto authentic photo paper (Fujicolor Crystal Archie DP II or Kodak Pro Ultra Endura) which is then developed using traditional photo chemicals. In addition to the 75-year color-fastness (with Kodak paper, 100-year), your image has a luminosity and enchanting look that can only be found in authentic photography: no bumps, no tears, no surprises. Our aluminum prints are finished using using a 6-color UV system. Both techniques have been optimized over time to ensure that the prints are as close as possible to the original image and take advantage of the full resolution.

Prints use silicone acrylic glass mounting without bubbles or creases

Prints provide durable, elastic silicone to bind a photo print to acrylic glass. This is important, because different temperatures and levels of humidity cause photographs, acrylic glass, and backing boards to stretch differently. Under these conditions, cheaper adhesive films begin to produce bubbles and tears after a short time. With silicone mountings, this doesn’t happen, even after many years.